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I just wanted to let you know that having facilitators with “Lived Experience” has been extremely impactful. They are genuine, authentic and honestly empathic. Recovery is not about statistics and clinical studies. It is about getting help and inspiration and hope from people that have traveled this same path.


I can directly attest to the significance of the work that you do. In the span of less than three years, I went from being suicidal with no hope for my future to receiving incredible treatment and, not only recovering, but thriving and enjoying life to the fullest. The work that you do to raise funds to provide programming is truly life changing and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to thank you for everything that you do.

Andrea Ottaway

For me, the best part about PHP was the Therapeutic Arts program. I had never done art before, and initially mocked it. But one of the therapists patiently and gently pushed me towards painting, and now I am selling my paintings in support of Ontario Shores Foundation.

Mike Simon

PHP, Vocational Recovery and Recovery College have served very different purposes as we continue to navigate our way through mental illness. Each program has been crucial to our wellbeing and our ability to successfully cope and manage living with anxiety and depression.

Cathy Dean Blatherwick and Martin Blatherwick

We need to practice patience, understanding and compassion for those suffering with a mental illness. These children and adults are extremely sensitive, caring, friendly, compassionate, charming individuals who are extremely tormented.

Debbie Clench

Ontario Shores has been a part of my ongoing recovery for close to 10 years. Having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1 and Schizoaffective Disorder in 2001…I have struggled and flourished, laughed and cried, taken steps forward, and back. Through it all Ontario Shores has stood with me, behind me and beside me. They have never doubted my ability to live the life I deserve to have. So neither will I.

Shannon Lavigne


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