I struggle with many of the same things you do.

Lori’s Story

I am just like you.
Lori Lane-Murphy

I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a wife and a professional. I am also a comedian, a writer and a volunteer.

I live with Bipolar Disorder.

It has been said to me that I do not look Bipolar. I’ve never been quite able to understand what that means.

After all, I am just like you.

I struggle with many of the same things you do. I also happen to have a mental illness that at times, makes my life difficult. That doesn’t make me any less or any different than anyone else dealing with a chronic illness.

The stigma and reaction of others to my illness motivates me to advocate. I didn’t choose to be Bipolar any more than someone chooses diabetes or cancer. Critical illnesses should never be met with shame. People should be supported, treated and loved.

Being a part of this campaign puts my life and my story out there in a way I never quite imagined before. And that’s OK.

I want people get more comfortable talking openly about mental health. I want to take some of the charged language back and use it to educate others around mental illness. I want to see the fear and discomfort eventually go away and the stigma to be smashed so we can talk openly and candidly about mental health issues.

Advocating for mental health is important because it is time to change the hearts and minds of people who may not have a clear understanding of what mental health issues look like (hint: they look like everybody). I am passionate about using my voice and energy to get and stay vocal about the challenges people dealing with mental illness and the stigma attached to it.

The work being done at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) must be supported. People like me benefit every single day from the support and care given at the hospital. They go above and beyond to create a sense of community, something that is necessary to get and stay healthy.

Please help Ontario Shores Save The Living by supporting programs and services that will make a difference in the life of someone living with mental illness.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Ontario Shores

PHP is for individuals with a serious and persistent mental illness and is an alternative to inpatient admission. The goal is to provide support to patients transitioning from hospital to the community and to offer an alternative to inpatient treatment.

  • Services patients aged 18-64.
  • 6-12 week day treatment program.
  • Offers a variety of intensive group and individual recovery oriented therapies.
  • Offers a transportation allowance and lunch and coffee is provided.


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